Managed Wi-Fi


Public Wi-Fi networks are perfect for any business or organisation that has customers looking to access free Wi-Fi. Banks, credit unions, malls, stores, bars and coffee shops all can gain advantages. Everyone wants internet access. By providing it through an open public Wi-Fi network advantages to the business can be gained which include marketing and advertising opportunities real time demographic analytics, and immediate social media connections.


Event Wifi networks are networks that are created for a limited time ranging from a few hours to days or weeks at a time. They provide high capacity DIA connectivity for any purpose event planners desire and can be set up virtually anywhere because of the greater reach our technology provides.


A location based marketing and advertising opportunity created through public WiFi that will reach high traffic areas across the island and allow a direct connection to consumers through social media, text and email engagement.


Wireless communication creates reach. Our greater reach allows us to provision services to any location across the island. It means high quality connections for internet voice, cloud, data and Wi-Fi services anywhere your business needs them. Thats what we promise and guarantee at Island Net.

Key Components


Creation of marketing and advertising opportunities on spash page


Marketing data base creation


Social media connections


Market segmentation


Ability to convert passersby to customers


Greater customer satisfaction and engagement


Creation of customer rewards plan


Access to demographic analytics and the use of analytics for improved results gained from smart marketing

Managed Digital Signage

IslandNet brings you the latest in wireless digital signage!

Engage your customers in new and innovative ways with digital signage from IslandNet. Dazzle your customers with your offers on large LED displays or invite them to interact with touch screen kiosk devices.

The Platform

Island Net uses a powerful feature rich cloud based software which lets you create and distribute target content effortlessly across any number of screens.

Used in over 100 countries in sectors such as health and education, hospitality food and beverage ,public transport, etc. The platform is key in building strong connections with customers and enhancing the customer experience.

In addition it may also be deployed to enhance employees work experience when it is used to create and reinforce corporate values and culture

Key Features


Campaign Scheduling

Schedule and publish your messages in any way you wish: by date, hour, day of the week or location.

Multiple Regions

Play a campaign using multiple regions and assigning different media to each zone. Customize it with as many zones as you want.


Audit Log

Create users with different access rights and get a detailed report tracking what each user has performed.


Drag-and-drop Timeline

Creating your campaigns by simply dragging your media and Apps into the timeline.


Proof of Play

Get a detailed report confirming each and every time a campaign has been played back.

Real Time Monitoring

Detect any issue so you can take immediate action and keep track of every player performance.


Create dynamic content using Apps. Weather info, realtime clock, RSS feeds, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, directory templates, and much more!

Build your Own Apps

We also offer complete guideline so you can build new Apps yourself.

Flexible Hardware Options

Our platform is compatible with all devices running Android 4.0.4 and above. In case you are using Windows, Mac or ChromeOS that’s also great! We also have just the right software for you.

Island Net Digital Signage Solution

Island Net will provide a managed service which would include:

  • Platform service and access in partnership with our platform provider
  • Necessary Bandwidth over a secured network. Bandwidth may be predetermined at a set level or increased according to your needs
  • Centralized management content changes and special messages will all be implemented at your request by our support staff
  • Support & Maintenance. system will be supported and maintained according to agreed INL SLA.
  • Research & Development. In conjunction with platform provider apps and systems will be developed to suit your needs.
  • Physical Dispatch & Response Island-wide (within 6 hours). Island wide reach comes with island Wide support all locations can be reached within 6 hours if the issue demands a physical response
  • Business-day monitoring of each box. There is no time throughout the business day that the system will be un-monitored. Our support staff stands ready to address any issues arising and to make a dispatch of technicians where necessary.