A technology for Social Distancing

The coronavirus outbreak has created a worldwide state of emergency, challenging businesses with identifying solutions to create a safe environment for staff and customers through social distancing.

wifiUsing your existing WiFi infrastructure, IslandNet can help you to deploy a solution to ensure that your organization meets rigorous mandated government and health agency requirements that now exist for all business. It anonymously triangulates mobile device position in a physical space without requiring customers to sign into the WiFi environment or download an app. This automatically provides accurate counts of customers in real time at your location or/and across an entire portfolio through a centralized dashboard.

Threshold and occupancy alerts

The system can trigger when a business place reaches certain occupancy thresholds. To remain extra vigilant and ensure proper occupancy limits, this solution automatically sends out emails and alert messages to executives and management team to inform when occupancy levels climb past a specific threshold. For example, if government and health agencies require a limit of 100 customers at a business place, a threshold limit of 80 customers can be set. When the occupancy crosses above that threshold, a warning is triggered allowing management to redeploy extra security (or whatever mechanism) to help manage entrances.