Even during this time of the Corona pandemic, one might hear of the various cyber attacks happening within organizations in Jamaica, primarily ransomware attacks. You might also have heard that Zoom had to fix an issue where approximately 500 thousand accounts were given away for free on the Dark Web due to the use of weak popular passwords. Just think about how that could have affected your meeting conversations and online classroom sessions. “Who is that person logged on to our session?”

Users of various systems and tools owned by your organization need to be aware of the DOs and DONTs of Cybersecurity, and one effective way to accomplish this is through implementing company-wide annual Cybersecurity Awareness Training program along with governing security policies and methodologies to track compliance and achievement of the program.

IslandNet cybersecurity services can help you to implement a cybersecurity awareness program quickly and effectively.  Ask us how! Email us at: cybersecurity@islandnetjm.com