Over the past couple of weeks, this pandemic outbreak has driven clients from the Marketing and Distributing/Manufacturing industry to have their employees operate from home. This has led to high bandwidth usages on shared connections across the island resulting in slow/ no internet connection. The fundamental question was then asked “What more can we do to provide an ideal solution to these users?”

Recently, our Sales Team and Service Delivery Manager have created a Remote VPN solution called Anyware Connect.

What this package AnywareConnect provides is VPN remote connectivity with reliable internet connection with secure remote worker options, vulnerability scanning, malware protection, application firewall and antivirus. The solution also includes a phone line that works on your PC and capabilities to be tied into your main office phone system so you can make/receive non-toll extension calls… All of this is being offered to all consumers with assured QOS at a low cost designed for remote workers having existing connectivity issues.

We listen and understand each query and believe in providing only the best solution to meet our customers’ needs.

Need more information? Interested in a proposal?

Email usat: sales@islandnetjm.com or call us at 606-0000 option 1 for Sales.