The threat landscape is growing at a fast pace and evolving daily. You don’t want to be one of those businesses that “wished” you did something BUT now suffering the consequences. It will be an extremely painful experience! If your healthcare facility is connected to the world-wide-web in “some” capacity, you are susceptible to cyber-attacks. In 2017, The “Wanna-Cry” ransom-ware made headlines in the United Kingdom by simply exploiting a standard Microsoft Windows computer desktop vulnerability which led to the cancellation of 20,000 appointments at the Montpellier medical centre and the exploitation of a simple email “phishing” attack on the staff email containing the virus. This crippled the facility and cost millions to resolve, not to mention the extreme damage to their reputation. Today, the vast amount of machines and devices that are utilized inside and outside the healthcare facility and ARE connected to the local network and/or the Internet in order to properly function and work for the healthcare provider…has dramatically increased. This number will continue to grow and you must embrace this reality. The next reality is you must embrace a working strategy to protect the entire environment.


The typical IT department for a healthcare provider is focused on keeping desktops, payment systems, and important medical machines working and delivering services. A proactive strategy is one that is constantly monitoring, detecting, responding, and reporting in-depth on the vulnerable areas on the healthcare network. As our clients trusted security advisor, we are always assessing your environment and making ongoing recommendations on how best to improve you network security posture. Security now goes far beyond the traditional appliance… it now involves people, processes and procedures. This is not done by the typical healthcare IT department simply because they don’t have the relevant personnel, capital expense budget, and of course the professional expertise in Cyber Security. The trade-off to this is a reactive approach to Cyber Security, which can only be stated as THE APPROACH to avoid.


Of course, there is a real cost to this type of implementation but we must all begin to see CyberSecurity as a utility monthly expense, just like we see paying our electricity, water, and monthly critical services. Everything in your environment is being connected to the internet and our world has dramatically changed before our eyes. IslandNet has designed its CyberSecurity services to be an operating expense to your business and our team of professionals fill the voids that your IT team needs help with. The options you have in being reactive to your issues, will ultimately cost you significantly more. Call us.


As the Network Security Manager, my role encompasses the management of all network security at IslandNet and the development and design of all CyberSecurity implementations for our customers. This is done carefully while working with a strong group of Cyber Professionals to include our incredible Chief Information Security Officer who develops policy and Cyber Posture for all our customers. I look forward to working with your team and taking your healthcare facility to new heights.


Although today we have eighty percent (80%) of our workforce operating remotely during the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are available from 8am-9pm M-F and 10am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday. More details on our services can also be found on our website where we also accommodate live chat Q&A during business hours and we can also be reached at 876-606-0000, or via email to …. we welcome your questions.