Using WIFI to Manage Occupancy at Businesses

Using WIFI to Manage Occupancy at Businesses

A technology for Social Distancing

The coronavirus outbreak has created a worldwide state of emergency, challenging businesses with identifying solutions to create a safe environment for staff and customers through social distancing.

wifiUsing your existing WiFi infrastructure, IslandNet can help you to deploy a solution to ensure that your organization meets rigorous mandated government and health agency requirements that now exist for all business. It anonymously triangulates mobile device position in a physical space without requiring customers to sign into the WiFi environment or download an app. This automatically provides accurate counts of customers in real time at your location or/and across an entire portfolio through a centralized dashboard.

Threshold and occupancy alerts

The system can trigger when a business place reaches certain occupancy thresholds. To remain extra vigilant and ensure proper occupancy limits, this solution automatically sends out emails and alert messages to executives and management team to inform when occupancy levels climb past a specific threshold. For example, if government and health agencies require a limit of 100 customers at a business place, a threshold limit of 80 customers can be set. When the occupancy crosses above that threshold, a warning is triggered allowing management to redeploy extra security (or whatever mechanism) to help manage entrances.

The Road to Tele Medicine

The Road to Tele Medicine


IslandNet specializes in the management and delivery of business-critical data services islandwide and is a wholly-owned and operated Jamaican company. The company is now sixteen (16) years old and has been successfully connecting hospitals, clinics, and doctors offices for almost two years. These facilities are very reliant on our services every day. Tele Medicine is a natural progression for the Island Net extended family as many are healthcare professionals and are actively involved in similar initiatives in the USA and Jamaica. The CEO’s customer-centric interest and vision for this health market match my own and is a primary reason why they have engaged me, (Greg Beck), and why the partnership has such strong alignment. I have joined the IslandNet team and share my many years of Telehealth expertise to further develop solutions that will help take Jamaica to new heights in healthcare. IslandNet’s mission to consistently exceed customer expectations is exactly what is needed when facilitating such personalized services as telemedicine.


Consumer demand for Telehealth services has been accelerated due to COVID 19 as apprehension about the technology has been surpassed by fears of contracting the virus. With this new level of acceptance for the technology, doctors and patients must find scalable, reliable solutions that effectively deploy AND promote excellent virtual encounters. If the communication during the virtual visit is poor (bad connection, inconsistent bandwidth), participants will become sceptical and revert from the technology. Island Net currently provides the most reliable data connections in Jamaica and guarantees your services WILL be available. Island Net does not compromise on the quality of service and this continues to be a major differentiator for them in this marketplace. I have also learned some time ago that in Jamaica, this type of service partner is invaluable and is probably the most valuable asset any Tele Medicine partner can bring to the table. IslandNet is always reachable, they listen, they custom design your solution, AND they install in the time frames that are promised by the SLA….and they will exceed your expectation like no other telecom company in Jamaica.


The quick answer is that all Tele Medicine platforms are NOT created equally. Even well-known video platforms like “Zoom” have been under increased scrutiny related to security concerns. A rapid adoption of these types of software platforms may leave the industry open to unnecessary cybersecurity threats before technology infrastructure is properly developed. Since health care is typically not practised ‘informally’, your healthcare provider also needs to be able to document, store, and protect all the pertinent medical data generated from the visit (also important for insurance reimbursement reasons). This is another reason for IslandNet to be involved in your Tele Medicine solution. Island Net has already created secure remote worker solutions and compliments this with a state of the art preeminent level 4 Security Operations Centre (SOC) which proactively uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor, detect, and prevent Cyber Threats in your entire network environment. Additionally, IslandNet’s professional services team will regularly provide onsite Cyber Security education and training so that your organization is least susceptible to network breaches. IslandNet also intends to make a meaningful impact in facilitating health data exchanges so that your patient data is protected.


As the Senior Health Advisor for IslandNet, my role is to continue looking for innovative and cost-effective solutions that best support the health providers in Jamaica. The superior design of the IslandNet fixed wireless private network allows us to reach into more parts of Jamaica for less cost than other telecom providers. This is a huge advantage. Having actually set up one of the first telemedicine programs in The United States in 2005, I can advise on the proper protocols and procedures required to build and support an efficient workflow that will complement the way physicians currently run their own practices AND build a sustainable business model. The most important thing for me at this time is that I am able to pursue my real passion for healthcare and I am truly looking forward to seeing Jamaica tek it to the next level and, once again, show the world what this likkle country is capable of!


Although today we have eighty per cent (80%) of our workforce operating remotely during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are available from 8am-9pm M-F and 10am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday. More details on our services can also be found on our website where we also accommodate live chat Q&A during business hours and we can also be reached at 876-606-0000, or via email to …. we welcome your questions

During COVID-19: Internet Connection is in high demand

During COVID-19: Internet Connection is in high demand

Over the past couple of weeks, this pandemic outbreak has driven clients from the Marketing and Distributing/Manufacturing industry to have their employees operate from home. This has led to high bandwidth usages on shared connections across the island resulting in slow/ no internet connection. The fundamental question was then asked “What more can we do to provide an ideal solution to these users?”

Recently, our Sales Team and Service Delivery Manager have created a Remote VPN solution called Anyware Connect.

What this package AnywareConnect provides is VPN remote connectivity with reliable internet connection with secure remote worker options, vulnerability scanning, malware protection, application firewall and antivirus. The solution also includes a phone line that works on your PC and capabilities to be tied into your main office phone system so you can make/receive non-toll extension calls… All of this is being offered to all consumers with assured QOS at a low cost designed for remote workers having existing connectivity issues.

We listen and understand each query and believe in providing only the best solution to meet our customers’ needs.

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